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Protect Us From Pollution! Send A Letter To Your Leaders Now

Use this form to send a letter directly to your local, state, and federal elected representatives demanding that they act to stop pollution and protect our families.

The transition to clean energy is underway, and the Inflation Reduction Act is an important step. But the transition won’t happen fast enough to protect the future for our kids without proactive action from lawmakers to phase out pollution and make polluters pay its true cost.

We have the solutions — the only thing missing is the will of enough elected leaders to truly stand up to polluters and protect our families. 

Elected leaders at all levels of government have real power to stop the pollution that is overheating our world and stealing the future. Many leaders want to act, but they need to hear from us. Send them a letter now!



Urge your elected leaders to take swift action to stop pollution and protect our families and communities. This form will automatically deliver your message to your city, state, and federal elected leaders. 

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